Kuwait International Law Society | A non-profitable law club in College of Law, Kuwait University
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Model United Nations

Students from school and universities learn about doplomacy and international relations. The experience gives students the chance to represent the delegate of a specific country. MUN allows students to develop writing skills, critical thinking and public speaking.

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لجان الامم المتحدة

المشترك يمثل الدبلوماسي في الأمم المتحدة بمختلف أجهزتها والتي تتيح لهم فرصة الاطلاع على الشأن الدولي وما يمر به المجتمع الدولي من أزمات ليقوموا بإصدار القرارات والتوصيات والمعاهدات بعد دراستهم وبحوثهم في القضايا الدولية الواقعية المطروحة عليهم.


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How we started?

In 2012, thirteen students in Kuwait University-College of Law established Kuwait International Law Society with the guidance and support of their professor Dr. Ebrahim Alsahli. The society was established under the International Law Student Association (ILSA), which is an association that promotes knowledge and understanding in international law. All thirteen students are diverse in aspects of background, mentality, traditions, and dreams; However, their interest in the field of International Law was what brought them together. At the beginning, things were rough as it was the ABCs of establishing a foundation, but the members shifted their focus on activities and projects related to the main events that were vital in the International Community, especially closely related to the crises of the Arab Region.