Kuwait International Law Society | About
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How we started?

A double chocolate layer cake does not whip itself into the succulent dessert that it is, just as a club doesn’t form on its own and become a success without its dedication, diligence, and resilience. Kuwait International Law Society is a club based in Kuwait University – College of Law. It was first established in 2012 by 13 dedicated students and one respected professor, Ebrahim Al-Sahli. The society was assembled under the International Law Student Association and predominantly promotes knowledge and understanding in international law.


Since our establishment, we worked persistently to accomplish our set goals and organized events to give us a better understanding in international law. We were always looking for ways to grow mentally and intellectually; henceforth, we organized numerous events to enhance our skills and enrich our personal development by scheduling conferences and planning fundraiser dinners. Our objective derived from our participation in international competitions, where we were privileged to represent our university and country on a more international level, as well as take part in projects closely related to the crisis of the Arab region.


While this experience was arduous at first, the dedication to pick up the pace and expand our knowledge in our decorous area earned us the anticipation to achieve further goals. Without a doubt, this has been one of the most challenging, yet riveting encounters we willingly faced. In the end, universities don’t just earn you the degree, they prepare you for the real world, be it self-growth or mind-expansion. After all, the essence of that cake isn’t in how you eat it, but what you feed yourself.


Dr. Ebrahim Alsahli (Public International Law Professor)
Abdulrahman Al Dhuwaihi
Abdulrahman Al Shammeri
Alia Al Nusif
Awrad Al Kazemi
Fatma Al Obaidly
Heba Al Saab
Jenna Al Subaie
Khalid Al Ansari
Nagham Bourisly
Noura Al Rodhan
Sarah Al Turki
Shahad Al Melhem
Shahad Al Zaabi